I have used the Office URI scheme successfully in the past to perform actions such as:

  • Open an instance of a document template (template.dotx -> New Document.docx)
  • Provide a suggested save location (when the user clicks save, it will pick a specific site and library by default)



From the documentation:

New Document from Template

The following command will cause the application to create and open a new document based on the template stored at the specified URI. The template file is not modified in this process. An additional command argument may be supplied to specify the default path offered as a save location when the file is first saved. It is possible for the user to choose a different location.

My tests seem to show that the save location parameter is now being completely ignored and I get OneDrive as my default save location.

Has anyone else noticed this? Any workarounds?

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Well this is ackward.

After additional testing, it does seem to work.

Obviously I had to post it here to immediately find a solution :p

There are 2 paths:

Path #1

  1. click the save icon on the top of the window
  2. when promted with the "save this file" dialog click "More options"
  3. click browse

Path #2

  1. click "File"

  2. click "Save As"

  3. click "Browse"

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