I have a Button. This will be clicked and get the value of a counter. This counter values are set to the state variable. After that I want to update the counter with a new number. My problem is that the state variable is not updated in time when I wanted to update the counter.

How can I wait until the state variables are updated?

Here is my code so far:

At first I click the Button:

<div><PrimaryButton text="Create Update and TS Item" onClick={()=>this.CreateAndUpdateTS()}/></div>

Then I call another function which get the values of the counter:

private CreateAndUpdateTS(){


    console.log("NewID: "+this.state.counterOldID);
    console.log("ID: "+this.state.counterID);

    let TSID = this.state.counterID;
    console.log("ID 2: "+TSID);

    let counterAdd =1;
    let counterOld = this.state.counterOldID;
    let counterNew = counterOld + counterAdd;
    console.log("ID"+ this.state.counterID +" CounterNew"+counterNew);



But I always get the wrong values after I called this.counterValue(). I need to wait until the state is updated. How can I do that?

  • Do you get correct values at these lines? console.log("NewID: "+this.state.counterOldID); console.log("ID: "+this.state.counterID); Aug 3 at 11:45
  • Also, you can pass callback function to setState as mentioned here: stackoverflow.com/questions/37401635/…. let me know if it works for you. Aug 3 at 11:57
  • No, I didn't get the correct values. useEffect is not working in my case.
    – Matthias
    Aug 3 at 12:01
  • You don't have to use the useEffect. you can pass callback function to setState. check my answer given below. Aug 3 at 12:23

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Try something like this:

private CreateAndUpdateTS(){

private getCounterValue(): void {
        console.log("Counter Value: "+ JSON.stringify(items))
                counterID: items[0].NewId
            this.updateCounterValue // your callback function

private updateCounterValue(): void {
    console.log("ID: " + this.state.counterID);

    let counterAdd = 1;
    let counterOld = this.state.counterID;
    let counterNew = counterOld + counterAdd;

    this._spDataProvider.CounterUpdate("Counter", this.state.counterID, counterNew);

Reference: How can I wait for setState to finish before triggering a function in React?

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