I am deploying a Power Platform solution using pipelines in DevOps. Part of this is to supply the release with a JSON settings file for each environment so, for example, when you deploy to test, it will point towards a test SharePoint site, and when you deploy to UAT, it will point to UAT SharePoint Site.


  "EnvironmentVariables": [
      "SchemaName": "SharePointSite",
      "Value": "[SharePoint Site ID]"
      "SchemaName": "List1",
      "Value": "[SharePoint List 1 ID]"
      "SchemaName": "List2",
      "Value": "[SharePoint List 2 ID]"

Most of the environment variable are self explanatory passing either text values or IDs for various SharePoint sites, but how do you pass a value for a Secret Environment Variable (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-apps/maker/data-platform/environmentvariables#use-azure-key-vault-secrets-preview)?

When creating a secret EV, you need to provide the Azure Subscription ID, Resource Group Name, Azure Key Vault Name and Secret Name. How do you provide all this into a value in JSON?

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Sorted it! For anyone looking for the answer, the value needs to be:

/subscriptions/[subscription id]/resourceGroups/[rg name]/providers/Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults/[key vault name]/secrets/[secret name]



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