How do i add a form webpart in sharepoint designer 2010. What i'm after is filter the list based on date using 2 textboxes startdate and enddate. Any ideas solution to this. Thanks in advance


The Data Form Web part in SharePoint 2007 is called Data View Web part in SharePoint 2010. You will be able to add the Data View web part into a page using SharePoint designer 2010.

These are the steps that would help you in acheiving the result.

  • Convert Data View to XSLT Data View
  • Create a Parameter for the Data View
  • Filter the Data View Using the Parameter
  • Drop Date Filter Web Part on Page
  • Connect Parameter on Data View to Date Filter

There are certain blog posts which can help you achieve the date filtering that you are looking for.



  • Thanks Deepu.I'm not using Sharepoint Enterprise so i dont have OTB date filter.Right now i'm trying to use a html form(with a custom datepicker) – naijacoder Mar 6 '12 at 5:07

You need to click on Insert DataView and then select Empty Data View It'll get the form WebPart Then you need to click inside the DataForm WebPart and add a Data Source Once the data source is added you can select the columns you want to add for your view Hope this helps

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