I am using PnP modern search for Sharepoint Online hub site, the hub site has around 100 associated sites. I need a query which return the result if SiteName or SiteURL contains that search terms.

For eg, if my searchTerms is CLG, so I expect the result returned should either have that searchTerm in SiteName or SiteTitle

Currently I have query which return result only for SiteName

{searchTerms} contentclass:sts_site Path:"https://dummy01.sharepoint.com/sites/MyHubSite"

I tried query like

 {searchTerms} contentclass:sts_site spsiteurl:/sites/ {searchTerms} Path:"https://dummy01.sharepoint.com/sites/MyHubSite"
  • Try if this query works for you ContentClass:STS_Site (SiteName:{searchTerms}* OR SiteTitle:{searchTerms}*)
    – Pradip R.
    Commented Jul 14, 2023 at 14:15

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I was able to get desired result with below query

spsiteurl:/sites/{searchTerms} OR {searchTerms} contentclass:sts_site

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