Is there anywhere project I can clone that has all correct dependencies to use with SPFx 1.4.1 version?

It's kind of urgent situation for me and everything I try just throws an error. Any help would be appreciated. I need it to be compatible with SharePoint 2019.

  • Why are you not starting from scratch? Use yeoman generator to create a new project and then use npm install to install all dependencies. Jul 6 at 3:08
  • Do you need rest based project or no javascript framework based? Jul 6 at 3:08
  • @GaneshSanap react based project. I have many issues with versions so I wasn't able to create it on my own
    – private7
    Jul 7 at 9:26
  • check my answer below Jul 7 at 9:31

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Here are few SPFx web part samples which you can use to clone for SPFx web part development on SharePoint 2019 modern experience.

  1. Script editor web part for modern pages built in React
  2. Content Query Web Part (Compatible with On-Premises SharePoint versions)
  3. Staff Directory (Search Directory) Version 2019
  4. List Items Menu (SP2019 Version)
  5. Global News (SP2019 Version)
  6. Modern Experience Theme Manager - JavaScript based solution

Also, I will suggest you to check this Microsoft official documentation for using correct versions of all tools for SharePoint 2019 SPFx web parts development: SharePoint Framework development tools and libraries compatibility

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