The subject pretty much says it all. I created a domain isolated webpart that uses the GraphClientv3 to talk to graph. it works fine when i run on a page in sharepoint. I added it to teams using the add to teams button in the new app catalog. but when i open it in teams it throws some error like ‘cannot get property (id) of undefined’.

Thought id ask here if it’s even supported before i go down the rabbit hole! Thanks

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I did a minimal web part setup to test it and got a similar result to you when adding as a Personal App. Below is a shot of the error. However it worked when adding it as a Teams tab to a team. So maybe tabs are ok, but not personal apps.

enter image description here

Edit: Have discovered Teams tab isn't quite right either, the properties pane opens every time you navigate to the tab.

  • Thanks Paul. Indeed it does work fine as a teams tab!
    – RussGove
    Jun 23 at 13:33

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