We have emails coming to our support inbox with this format:-

enter image description here

where the email will always contain 4 sections as marked in the above picture:-

  1. First section >> starts with "Pick-up at:"

  2. Second section >> starts with "Deliver to:"

  3. Third section >> starts with "Miles:"

  4. Forth section >> starts with "Notes:"

now i created an automated flow which trigger when an email is received >> but how i can extract the 4 sections content and store them inside 4 variables ?


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I suggest using "Compose" action to slice each bit of string you need, using fixed string lines as 'achors' to cut up the e-mail.

Something like this: slice(triggerBody()['text'],indexOf(triggerBody()['text'], 'Pick-up at:'),indexOf(triggerBody()['text'], 'Deliver to:'))

Where triggerBody()['text'] is you e-mail body.

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