When moving site collections with Move-SPSite, there is a parameter called -CopyEvents. The documentation says:

Specifies if events of the EventCache table need to be copied to the destination Content Database.

When would I want/need to use that?

Note: The EventCache table is described by this old Microsoft page as "Every content database contains an EventCache table that is the "change log" for objects contained in the database."

Thanks for any insights!

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The EventCache table can be checkd in the SQL server.

The EventCache table is used to record all audit logs in a site collection. Each row in the table depictes a change in an object. Columns in the table contain information such as the date and time of a change, the type of object that was changed, the nature of the change, and a unique identifier for the object. Such as: "A list item is added" and so on.

  • Sorry for my late reply. Brilliant, thank you @Emily Du - MSFT. So the feature should really have been named "-CopyAuditEvents" for clarity. :)
    – greycloud
    Oct 27, 2023 at 14:21

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