I have a Sharepoint 2019 on-premise instance running a web app with the following URL:


on port 80 without SSL enabled, I set up the SSL following the steps from this blog post:


A difference is that I am running Windows Server 2022 Eval with IIS 10.0, and didn't find IIS Resource kit for IIS 10, so I didn't run SelfSSL.exe inside the resource kit, so created the Self-Signed Certificate using IIS Manager on the same server running Sharepoint.

When I check on the browser

HTTP://share.mangos.com works fine but doesn't show or recognize the SSL Cert.

HTTPS://share.mangos.com doesn't connect and show the error Secure connection failed and Firefox did not connect

So what I am missing, or did wrong, or it is outdated the steps or there is another method? for Sharepoint 2019?

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HTTP:// endpoint will not use certificate, so "doesnt's show SSL Cert" - is OK.

as for HTTPS:// endpoint:
if you're using the self-signed certificate on your website, then it must be aslo installed to your OS as Trusted Root CA Cert on the computer from which you connect to the site (Part 6 of the instruction you mentioned).

Also, Firefox can ignore OS certificates list and use its own list.
In that case you should add your self-signed cert to Firefox's inner certificate list (somewhere in Tools > Options > Advanced (or Privacy and Security) > Certificates: View Certificates - Authorities - Import)

  • oh, thanks for the reminder of that steps, the self-signed certificate is already installed on Trusted Root CA Cert as tried for Firefox importing but is still rejected.
    – ISeeMangos
    May 23, 2023 at 2:47

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