Looking for an image gallery web part - that can do carousel but also when clicked on the image display a popup of the image.

Any ideas or resources online would be appreciated

Thanks in Advance.


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SharePoint out of the box Image Gallery web part provides carousel functionality but does not display a popup of the image when clicked on image.

Check if below web parts help you in any way with your requirements:

  1. Filterable Image Gallery
  2. Image Slider from Photo Gallery using Taxonomy Filter
  3. Image Magnifier

If not, you will have to develop your own custom SPFx web part with required functionality (you can take inspiration/logic from above web parts if you want).

For showing popup/dialog, you can use below Fluent UI controls:

  1. Dialog control
  2. Popup control

Check below links which might help you with showing dialog/popup:

  1. Modal Popup In SPFx
  2. How to set a Modal popup with an image in React
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    Thanks. Will put something together since there is no webpart for it
    – naijacoder
    May 15, 2023 at 0:14

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