I have used the code from https://github.com/pnp/sp-dev-fx-webparts/tree/main/samples/react-list-form.

Based on the code above, I need add additional condition.

The code below I can get listId, and URL information. So I would like to pass another condition if the list contain field let say internal name = 'Category' otherwise pass null value. I thought I can do is fieldsSchema[i].InternalName = 'Category' ?? null.

let dt = await.listFormService.getFieldOptions(
    this.props.filterParam, //I need to check here if list contain field internal name = category

In this section I need add condition if list contain field with Internal name =' category and I need to construct the code i.e

const endpoint = `${webUrl}/_api/Web/lists/getbyid('${listId}')/items?&$filter=filterParam eq 'Blue'&$top=5000`; 


const endpoint = ${webUrl}/_api/Web/lists/getbyid('${listId}')/items?$top=5000;

public async getfieldOptions(listId: any, webUrl: string, filterParam: string, filterValue: string): Promise<any[]> {

        const endpoint = `${webUrl}/_api/Web/lists/getbyid('${listId}')/items?$top=5000`;

        try {
            let resp: SPHttpClientResponse = await this.spHttpClient.get(endpoint, SPHttpClient.configurations.v1);
            if (resp.ok) {
                let json = await resp.json();
                return json.value;
        catch (error) {
        return [];



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