I am not a big fan of grouping by author but trying to make "all pages" default seems impossible. Any advice?

  • Do you mean a List View on a List/Library? Or the SitePages library?
    – Vertamin
    Commented Apr 25, 2023 at 13:47
  • Are you trying to removing grouping by author or group by another column in library?? Commented Apr 25, 2023 at 13:47

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Follow below steps to set the All Pages view as default view in Site pages library:

  1. Go to site pages library

  2. Switch to "All Pages" view using drop down from top right corner

  3. Select Set current view as default option from same drop down from top right corner:

    enter image description here

Then try navigating again to site pages library using URL like below and you will be redirected to default "All Pages" library view:


You can also do it from classic experience library view settings. Go to All pages view settings by selecting Edit current view option using drop down from top right corner.

Then you can set it as default view using below option:

enter image description here

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