I've a custom webpart Anniversaries, which get data from list. Anniversaries webpart List with data for webpart

This is my service to get data from list:

public get(listName: string, startDate: Date, AnniversariesNumberOfItemsToDisplay: number): Promise<Person[]> {
    return sp.web.lists
      .select(Fields.Email, Fields.HireDate, Fields.FullName)
      .then(listItems => {
        let rawData = new Array<any>();

        listItems.forEach((item: any) => {
          const hireDate = moment
          let anniversaryDate = moment(hireDate).year(moment().year());
          if (anniversaryDate.isBefore(moment(), 'date')) {
            anniversaryDate = anniversaryDate.add(1, 'year');

          const PersonItem = {
            email: item[Fields.Email],
            fullName: item[Fields.FullName],
            anniversaryDate: anniversaryDate.toDate()
        return rawData;

But is it possible to take data for all users in Azure AD without using a list?

Data in Azure AD

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Yes. It's possible to get users from Azure AD.

You can use PnPjs to do so where you can get users using @pnp/graph package. Below are some helpful links


That's really cool! Any plans to possibly make your app publicly available, surprising no one else has created anything specifically for anniversaries.

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