Is there a way with pnpjs to set the homepage of a site? basically what Set-PnPHomePage commandlet does

I can create a site, web, client side page, add controls to that page with pnpjs, but I cant see any way to set the homepage/Welcome page.

Any help greatly appreciated! -Powell


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As per the link provided in comments above, you can use web object to update the home page (WelcomePage of the SharePoint site.

Use PnP JS code like below:

import { spfi } from "@pnp/sp";
import "@pnp/sp/webs";
import "@pnp/sp/folders/web";

const sp = spfi(...);

const result = await sp.web.rootFolder.update({ 
    WelcomePage: "SitePages/home.aspx" 

Documentation: @pnp/sp/webs

Payload/Properties referred from this post: Set Make Homepage - REST API


Can do it with PnP JS like so:

await sp.web.rootFolder.update({WelcomePage:"SitePages/NewHomePage.aspx"});

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