I have a site that for some reason I cannot change the thumbnail from the default image. I have tried multiple things but no matter what - when I go back in to edit it has defaulted back to the default image.

I have other sites that were built from the same template and do not have this issue. It's not urgent but I would really like to know if anyone has any ideas on what is causing this?


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Save your logo image file locally as the following filename: __SiteIcon__.png (there are two '_' before and after the name.) Copy/upload/drag-drop the file into "Site Contents/Site Assets" - overwriting the existing one if it exists. QUICKLY "check-out" the file you copied, so the system can't overwrite it with the default. Refresh the cache on you browser and the logo should be correct.

  • for me I also had to update the SiteIcon.jpg (JPEG) file as well in the Site Assets library.
    – hvndev
    Apr 9 at 21:24

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