I have a Sharepoint List. One of the columns (called "Assessment Date/Date Re-Joined") is a date, and another column is a calculation based on that date column:

=DATEDIF([Assessment Date/Date Re-Joined],TODAY(),"D")

designed to calculated the difference in days between that date and today's date. This seems to work with no problems in Sharepoint's classic view, but in the modern view the calculated column has many errors, where it is showing incorrect numbers.

Here is how it appears in Modern View: enter image description here

And here is how the same list appears in Classic View: enter image description here

(Today's date was 16/03/2023 for those screenshots.)

As you can see, the modern version has a lot of incorrect sums, and inconsistent ones, with some dates giving the correct figure and some an incorrect figure! What could be causing this, and is there a way to fix it?


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