I would like to load the term sets in the top placeholder dom element (react component file in innerHtml), as of now it is now referenced from react component file.

   // The extension should not assume that the expected placeholder is available.
  if (!this._topPlaceholder) {
    console.error("The expected placeholder (Top) was not found.");
  if (this.properties) {
    // Add refrence of react component to this file.
    const element: React.ReactElement<IGlobalNavProps> = React.createElement(
        termGroupId: this.properties.termGroupId,
        termSetId: this.properties.termSetId,
    ReactDom.render(element, this._topPlaceholder.domElement);
  if (this._topPlaceholder.domElement) {
    this._topPlaceholder.domElement.innerHTML = `
        // term set code goes here, load from term store


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