I have created a custom workflow in SharePoint Designer (Designer 2010 workflow) and added in SharePoint 2013. After testing, I have deleted it from Workflow settings.

But still I can see the same workflow in the option, if I try to add a new workflow.

Below are the steps I did to add and delete workflow:


  • Created a reusable workflow
  • Saved as Template
  • Downloaded from Site Assets in Dev and uploaded to Solutions folder Prod and activated
  • Activated Solution from Manage Site Features
  • Added to list using Workflow settings in list.


  • Workflow settings -> Remove/Block or Restore Workflow
  • Selected the Remove -> OK
  • Deactivated feature
  • Deactivated solutions -> Deleted
  • Deleted from Recycle bin.

By seeing different post, I have deleted the workflow history lists too. But no luck!

Any suggestions to remove it from workflow lists?

Any help is appreciated!


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