I have a SharePoint custom list >> which contain 3 content types (items, Form1 & Form2). Now when I created a Power App canvas >> define a form >> define the custom list as the data source for the list >> I will get all the fields >> and if I add the content type drop-down >>

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I change the content type name >> the fields will not be shown/hidden based on the content type selection. So how can I mimic the same behavior as the built-in SharePoint forms?

Where the fields will get shown/hidden based on the selected content type. Is this possible?

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    It will not change fields automatically. You have to set Visible property of controls/datacards based on content type drop down selection to show/hide fields. Mar 9, 2023 at 4:10

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When you are using SharePoint list forms in Power apps, fields will not change automatically based on selection of content type.

You have to use custom business logic to show/hide fields in Power Apps in this scenario. You have to set Visible property of controls/data cards based on content type drop down selection to show/hide fields.


Consider, name of you content type drop down is: ddContentType

And you want to show the text field which is under data card named DataCardTextInput only when selected content type name is "Item"

Then you have to set Visible property of data card in below format:

ddContentType.Selected.Value = "Item"

You can adjust controls/datacards and property names as per your requirements.

Check this thread for more information, this will help you to achieve your needs: SharePoint Content Types in PowerApps Form - A Workaround!

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