Using Modern SharePoint.

I would like to create a SharePoint view that only displays the birthdays that fall within the current month.

My list has a name(TEXT) column and birthday(DATE) column.

I would like to stay away from using Power Apps or Power Automate. I feel like I keep running into logic roadblocks.

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Follow these steps:

  1. Create a calculated column in list using below formula (say with name BirthdayThismonth):

    =IF(MONTH(NOW())=MONTH([Birthday Date]),"Yes","No")
  2. Now filter a list view where BirthdayThismonth is equal to "Yes"

Reference: Filter contact list by current month


  1. Create a calculated column for the Start date of Month using formula like:
=DATE(YEAR([Birthday Date]), MONTH([Birthday Date]), 1)
  1. Create another calculated column for the End date of Month using formula like:
=DATE(YEAR([Birthday Date]), MONTH([Birthday Date])+1,1)-1
  1. Then filter list view using conditions like:
[Today] >= First Day Of Month


[Today] <= Last Day Of Month

Reference: Create SharePoint View Filtered by current Calendar Month,week and Year

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  • You're welcome, glad it worked for you! Mar 7 at 17:00

You can use any date column and reference it in a calculated column formula to extract/return the month value.

I have something set up for reception to record when a parcel was received (Time Received date column). The column on the end is a calculated column, it's called Month.

calculated column

Create a new column

create new calc column

You substitute my column name for your own, so instead of [Time Received] you'd need [Birthday].

The "MMM" means that it will return a March date as Mar using three characters. =TEXT([Time Received],"MMM")

Your formula would be: =TEXT([Birthday],"MMM")

Be careful with the formula, the commas, speech marks and brackets need to be in the right place. Sharepoint is fussy with this.

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