A site contributor reported not being able to upload larger pptx files to their site. There is an Angular UI that interacts via SP2016 on-premise APIs. The user is seeing a continuous uploading message with no result.

Developer tools is showing: POST <%siteurl%> net::Err_FAILED 200 (OK)

When trying to upload the directly to a generic document library, it starts to upload but fails with the following error: "Sorry, your files couldn't be uploaded. The upload might be too large or the server might be experiencing high network traffic."

File size is under 1 GB with the Central Administration > Web Application > General Settings set to allow up to 2 GB. ULS logging does not indicate a specific error surrounding the transaction.

Tested in multiple browsers and in IE mode with the same results. Reviewed similar questions posted here but no answers marked as successful.


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Saw the same error across multiple sites but not in our lower environments. On a hunch, reached out to network team before opening a Microsoft ticket.

We narrowed down the cause to be a network load balancer web application firewall policy that was throwing a Request length exceeds defined buffer size violation.

Once the policy in violation was modified, the file was able to be uploaded with no errors.


I was facing same issue when trying to upload a 1GB document. My upload limit is 2GB per file. So I was able to resolve it by using Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer mode. next, you must to clear browsing data: Select All time for Time range and keep the default selections. This made the trick.

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