I am trying to customize form using SPFx Form Customizer solution. My form requires TaxonomyPicker control.

I am importing TaxanomyPicker and then trying to add control in render method.

<TaxonomyPicker allowMultipleSelections={true}
          panelTitle="Select Departments"
          label="Departments Picker"
          isTermSetSelectable={false} />

In the above code, the context control is expecting BaseComponentContext but I am getting FormCustomizerContext from props.

How to resolve this issue?

Is there any way to convert FormCustomizerContext to BaseComponentContext?

Or how to create/get BaseComponentContext value?

Please help.

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This is a common problem when using the PnP React Controls in a Form Customizer Extension. To address the type mismatch, you can cast the FormCustomizerContext as any.

context={this.props.context as any}

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