I'm working on a WebPart, which has a form and a button. On button click write items in a SharePoint List. So, the button click is my last step, but the buton does not work. I get everytime:

Expected 3 arguments, but got 2.

And bellow my code

 <DefaultButton className={styles.button} onClick={() => this.addListItems(this.state.data, this.state.selectedDepartmentOptions)}> Eintragen </DefaultButton>

 private addListItems = (user: MicrosoftGraph.User, selectedDepartmentOptions: IDropdownOption[], destinations: IDropdownOption): void =>  {

const { selectedRubrikOptions } = this.state;
const departmentKey = user.department;
var isTerminvergabeChecked = (document.getElementById('terminvergabe') as HTMLInputElement | null).checked;
var isHotlineChecked = (document.getElementById('hotline') as HTMLInputElement | null).checked;
let selectedDepartmentText = "";

for (let i = 0; i < selectedDepartmentOptions.length; i++) {
  const option = selectedDepartmentOptions[i];

  if (option.key === departmentKey) {
    selectedDepartmentText = option.text;

if(selectedRubrikOptions === ""){
  alert('Bitte das Pflichtfeld beachten!');

    'Rubrik': selectedRubrikOptions,
    'Au_x00df_enstellen': selectedDepartmentText,
    'Terminvergabe': isTerminvergabeChecked,
    'Hotline': isHotlineChecked,
  .then(()=> alert("Die Daten wurden erfolgreich gespeichert!"));


Anyone, any solution? I seat since 2 hours whith this problem.

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You defined your function to recieve 3 arguments :

 private addListItems = (user: MicrosoftGraph.User, selectedDepartmentOptions: IDropdownOption[], destinations: IDropdownOption)
  1. User
  2. selectedDepartmentOptions
  3. destinations

while you called this function on button click

onClick={() => this.addListItems(this.state.data, this.state.selectedDepartmentOptions)
  1. User
  2. selectedDepartmentOptions

you should also pass the "destination" argument, or just delete it from your function definition, because i cannot see where you used this argument inside the function :

 private addListItems = (user: MicrosoftGraph.User, selectedDepartmentOptions: IDropdownOption[])
  • Thank you! I havenow an other error: Argument of type 'string' is not assignable to parameter of type 'IDropdownOption[]'. Do you have any idea? Feb 15, 2023 at 9:08
  • yes, in your function definition you specified that the paramter selectedDepartmentOptions is an array, while you are passing this.state.selectedDepartmentOptions is a string Feb 16, 2023 at 8:44

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