I have an existing SharePoint Library S which contains a certain File X. File X is edited frequently, but in a different location, namely in a certain, existing OneDrive Folder O.

How can I keep the two instances of File X in both locations S and O in sync with each other?

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Via PowerAutomate using 2 flows.

NOTE: Beware that this might lead to endless flow triggers. If that is the case, I believe just use a single Automated Cloud Flow for the use case where file is updated most frequently from. For the other way round, just manually replace the files, or run it as an Instant Cloud Flow, but disable the other Cloud Flow first before doing so.

  1. 1st flow as an Automated Cloud Flow to update SharePoint file X when One Drive file X is modified

enter image description here

  1. 2nd flow to update One Drive file X when SharePoint file X is modified

enter image description here

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