I am creating a powerapp with a gallery, i added a checkbox withing the gallery and I also have a combobox in the gallery, I need to set default value in combobox when checkbox is checked. The combobox will only be visible when checkbox is checked, I added and index to the gallery to identify each gallery rows

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I believe you want something like that :

enter image description here

Please follow this steps :

1- your collection should be something like the following :

        Title: "A",
        YesNo: false,
        ComboList: ["1","2","3"]
        Title: "B",
        YesNo: true,
        ComboList: ["1","2","3"]

2- insert your gallery and update the Items property with the your collection :

Items : colGallery

3- insert in your gallery a label for the title, a checkbox and a combobox

enter image description here

4- Update the OnSelect property of your gallery with the following formula :


5- on both OnCheck and OnUnCheck properties of your checkbox paste the following formula :


6- on your combobox OnVisible property, use the following :


This should help you.

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