Is it possible to build a SPFx web part which can replace the left navigation? I would like to create my own navigation that will use a treeview control.

When I edit my sharepoint site I can insert a web part only in the main window. When I edit a navigation I have no option to customize it with a web part.

From what I have seen there are number of SPFx examples on how to replace footer and header but I couldn't find an example that customizes the left navigation.


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There is no native way supported by Microsoft for customizing left navigation using SPFx (web part or application customizer) like top/bottom placeholders in SPFx application customizer.

You have below two ways:

  1. Move quick launch navigation from left side to top side using "Horizontal" orientation from navigation settings. Then develop left navigation on your own using SPFx and/or DOM manipulation.

    Follow: New Navigation features for SharePoint team sites

  2. Hide left navigation items using DOM manipulation and inject your own navigation links using custom HTML/JS.


  1. SPFx Side Navigation Project for Modern Sites
  2. Custom Quick Launch using Fluent UI Nav in SPFx

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