We are using Shareplum to call Sharepoint SOAP API and ingest data from Sharepoint Lists. We are doing this for ~20 different Sharepoint Lists.

However, for one of the Sharepoint List, the API response is different and does not consist of the key ImnName causing KeyError. Is there a particular list setting that is causing the issue? All the sites belong to the same Sharepoint Version.

File "/home/sachinxe/workplace/Gits_metrics_data_api/env/Gits_metrics_data_api-1.0/runtime/lib/python3.8/site-packages/shareplum/site.py", line 379, in get_users
    "py": {i["ImnName"]: i["ID"] + ";#" + i["ImnName"] for i in data},
KeyError: 'ImnName'


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