I have a list with about 15 columns. I need to have one of my columns pull the initial value entered (only) of one of the other columns.


[Column A] is blank then changes to 2/2/2023 .... [Column B] should read as 2/2/2023 <-- copies the initial value entered

Even if [Column A] later changes to 3/3/2023, I would need [Column B] to stay as 2/2/2023

I wasn't sure if I needed a "IS" function, but wasn't sure where or how to begin. Any help is definitely appreciated.

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I don't think this is easily possible using calculated column as you cannot read previous value of Column A to check it was blank.

However, you can easily to it using Power automate flow. Follow the steps:

  1. Run a Power automate flow on item creation/update (as per your requirements)
  2. Check if Column B is empty and Column A is not empty
  3. If above condition is true > Update column B

You can even use the trigger conditions based on if Column B is empty or not to avoid unnecessary flow runs.

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