Has anyone succeeded in building a Listview Command Set on SharePoint 2019? I am using SPFx 1.4.1 as recommended.

Problem: the custom buttons in the ribbon disappear after opening a different page (e.g. edit one of the views) and the console.log is flooded with uncaught errors.

For example:

Uncaught (in promise) Error at t [as constructor] (listview-host-assembly.js?uniqueId=2g4QD:92:15766) at new t (listview-host-assembly.js?uniqueId=2g4QD:449:22174) at e.buildErrorWithVerboseLog (listview-host-assembly.js?uniqueId=2g4QD:449:14408) at e.buildLoadPathDependencyError (listview-host-assembly.js?uniqueId=2g4QD:449:12154) at listview-host-assembly.js?uniqueId=2g4QD:449:63944 at listview-host-assembly.js?uniqueId=2g4QD:449:64316

Thanks in advance.


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