I making simple SPFx search. I need to use Refiners to get data from SharePoint. Which Refiners is available to use? Can you please give me example with Refiners?

pnp.sp.search({ Querytext: queryText, SelectProperties: selectProperties, EnableSorting: true, Refiners: ["DisplayAuthor"], SortList:sorts });

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You have to add Refiners in string format like:

  'Querytext': 'sharepoint',
  'Refiners': 'author,size',

Documentation: SharePoint Search REST API overview - Refiners

Also, check this issue on GitHub for more information: pnp.sp.search does not work with Refiners set

  • @GaneshSnap, how to get refiners by my managed propertie RefinersTextListOWSTEXT? I tried 'Refiners': 'RefinersTextListOWSTEXT' but it doesn't work
    – Ann
    Jan 16 at 13:37

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