I have two lists:

Bin Data:

BinBarcode Tapes inside
12345678 MA0053L8/nMA0053L8/nMB0030M8

Tape Data

Tape Barcode Bin

I want to automate when a entery is put into Bin Data. It creates multiple entries into the Tape data for all values seen in the string "Tapes inside"

Tape Barcode Bin
MA0053L8 12345678
MB0030M8 12345678
MB0030M8 12345678

How can I do this? Here is my attempt via PowerAutomate: enter image description here But it still cant split the string on the /n and create separate entries. Any help/ideas would be great

  • You have to add the formula as an "expression" from Dynamic data panel. Try this and let me know if it works. Dec 24, 2022 at 22:38

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You have to add the formula as an "expression" from "Dynamic content" panel.

For Example:

enter image description here

Check this documentation for more information: Introduction to expressions in Power Automate

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