One of my SharePoint lists contains a choice column the allows for multiple selections (i.e., a checkbox list.) It's used to identify legislation relevant to the list item, and often multiple pieces of legislation will need to be selected.

I want to create views for each of the individual choices in this column, to easily pull up views that show each item tagged with a given with a piece of legislation. However, some pieces of legislation contain identical text strings, and any filter I attempt to build retrieves all the options with that text string.

To give a concrete example: I want to build a view that only shows items tagged with Municipalities Act. So I went in and set the view filter to "[contains] Municipalities Act." However, that exact text string is duplicated in Northern Municipalities Act, so the latter shows up in my view as well.

Because SharePoint's filtering options don't provide a "does not contain" option, I can't figure out how to filter out options with overlapping text strings. I tried adding a space between the word "Municipality" and the word "Act" to differentiate the two strings, but that didn't seem to have any effect.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Use is equal to operator instead of contains operator in list view filter settings.

For example:

List view filter settings are like:

enter image description here


It shows the list items with "A" selected in multiple selection choice column named "Scope":

enter image description here

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