I have this formula for column named "Level of Risk":


It works by "MultipleFunctional", but I need to add column "[Answer]" into this, with this conditions:

IF([Answer]="Compliant";"No Risk";IF([Answer]="Not Applicable";"Not Applicable"

I tried some but get errors or incorrect work. Is it possible? And what would the formula look like?.

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Giving preference to value of [Answer] field first, you can use formula like below for your calculated column:

=IF([Answer]="Compliant";"No Risk";IF([Answer]="Not Applicable";"Not Applicable",IF([MultipleFunctional]<6;"LOW";IF([MultipleFunctional]<10;"MEDIUM";IF([MultipleFunctional]<20;"HIGH";"CRITICAL")))))
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    I wrote almost the same code, but the new columns were at the end, so maybe there was a mistake. Anyway thanks for the solution and the new info, thanks, you saved me again. Dec 9, 2022 at 13:12

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