I have an SPFX solution where I am trying to use Graph API. I tried installing 'npm install @pnp/logging @pnp/core @pnp/queryable @pnp/graph --save'

Now, while using 'import { graph } from "@pnp/graph"' I am getting below error.

'"@pnp/graph"' has no exported member named 'graph'.

Please guide me if anything I am missing here..

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The use of graph was changed to graphfi in PnPjs v3.

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Here's a simple example of the use of graphfi from the PnPjs documentation.

import { SPFx, graphfi } from "@pnp/graph";
import "@pnp/graph/users";

// within a webpart, application customizer, or adaptive card extension where the context object is available
const graph = graphfi().using(SPFx(this.context));

const meData = await graph.me();


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