After setting user profile pictures (and user information pictures) for all our SharePoint users (images are kept in a list in one of the site collections), we configured user profiles so that users can update their picture at any moment.

The problem is, when the user uploads a picture, it is automatically placed in their Shared Pictures library, but this library does not have sufficient permissions set for other users. I checked the "Permissions for this picture library" of the Shared Pictures and it inherits the rights from MySite, which are: full control for the user and limited access for our System Account.

I checked the Default Reader Site Group setting for the My Site in Central Admin: 'NT AUTHORITY\authenticated users' (this setting was there when all My Sites were created).

I also checked the default privacy settings of the Picture property and it is set to Everyone, user can override - no, replicable - checked, edit settings: allow users to edit. The result is, all pictures uploaded personally by users appear as broken links because no other user has access to see it.

What are we missing?

  • Which sharepoint version you are using? In my sp2013 environment, MySiteHost is setup with default settings, all users' profile pictures is uploaded to same public library.
    – Mark L
    Sep 14, 2016 at 6:17

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This typically happens if there is a change of url for the mysite. A resolution for this mentioned on this link : How to fix broken images after mySite URL change in SharePoint 2010?

If this is not the case , then there is a hotfix for the same as discussed on MSDN forums over here: Profile Pictures showing as broken images

This can solve the issue.

Lastly , try running the User Profile Full Synchronization Service once again and see if that works.

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