I am trying to build a Pnp PowerShell script that will update Highlighted Content webpart on a Modern SharePoint Online page from Grid View to List view.

I am using Convertfrom-Json and Convertto-json.

Everything looks to work for the script but when I go and refresh the SharePoint Page, it appears blank under that webpart. The plan is to eventually update all site pages containing HC webparts from Grid to List view.

$page= Get-PnPClientSidePage -Identity "TEST.aspx"
$webpart = $page.Controls | ? {$_.InstanceId -eq "<InstanceID of Specific HC webpart>"}
$WebpartJson= $webpart.PropertiesJson
$webpartobj = ConvertFrom-Json -InputObject $webpartJson
IF($webpartobj.layoutId -eq "Card") {

    $webpartobj.layoutId = "List"

$webpartJson = ConvertTo-Json $webpartobj -Compress
$webpart.PropertiesJson = $webpartJson

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The cmdlet you're looking for is Set-PnPPageWebPart. Here's an example of updating the property:

$wp = Get-PnPPageComponent -Page "Super-Awesome-Stuff.aspx" -InstanceId "75a66f66-a56e-4515-bf3a-628268bcbec3"
$props = ConvertFrom-Json -InputObject $wp.PropertiesJson
IF($props.layoutId -eq "Card") {
    $props.layoutId = "List"
    Set-PnPPageWebPart -Page "Super-Awesome-Stuff.aspx" -Identity "75a66f66-a56e-4515-bf3a-628268bcbec3" -PropertiesJson (ConvertTo-Json $props -Compress -Depth 10)
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    That did it! Thank You!
    – Luke
    Commented Dec 5, 2022 at 15:54

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