I am new to Sharepoint and would like to write a PowerShell script to transfer folders from a local folder to a document library (Sharepoint 2016).

May I know if it's possible, and the way to do it?


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As per my knowledge, only files are supported to be uploaded using PowerShell but folders are not. To upload files in a local folder to SharePoint library, see this: Powershell Uploading complete folder hierarchy to document Library. Alternatively, some 3rd party migration tools may support moving folders from local to SharePoint library.

  • Nice, thanks, Allen_MSFT. This one goes into the folder and uploads the folder's files individually onto SharePoint Library.. I wonder if there is a way to recreate the folder if we can upload the folder to SharePoint via Powershell.. Will try it out.
    – dexter
    Nov 30, 2022 at 7:41

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