I have created the SPFx web part for custom development in SharePoint online modern site. I have created multiple subsites under one site collection. I need to add the SPFx web part to all sub-sites. I have tried to save a template of one site but it doesn't allow me to save the site as a template. It has thrown me the below error,

Sorry, this site can't be saved as a template. It contains apps that don't work in templates: spfx-demo-client-side-solution

I have tried another way. I have created a site to add all necessary lists, libraries, and pages. I have successfully saved the template for that site. I have created many subsites using that custom template.

Now, I need to add my SPFx web part to the sites that were created using a template.

For that, I need to add the SPFx app to all subsite's Site Contents and add the SPFx web part to all subsite's Site Pages. Can I achieve that with PowerShell or do I need to prefer some alternative way?

Can anyone help me with the same?

Thanks in Advance.


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