I am trying to create a calculated columns in a SP list to show a running total of data from other columns. I am doing this in excel and it works exactly as I need it to, but I cannot find anything on how to set this up in SP. Here is an example of the excel sheet.

excel sheet

The Submitted and Fail data is summed in columns H and I as a running total. This is what I cannot duplicate in the SP list. The rest of the columns I was able to create and work as expected. Columns H and I are a necessary requirement. As I add the information into column F and G, I drag the formulas in the other columns down to the next row and everything calculates.

Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!!

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Below are the limitations for SharePoint calculate columns:

  • You cannot reference a value in a row other than the current row.

  • You cannot reference a value in another list or library.

Source: Introduction to SharePoint formulas and functions

If you want to show the SUM of column values for all rows, you can use Sum option in Totals section in view settings in number columns like:

enter image description here

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