We have an excel sheet that I am trying to bring into a SP list. The sheet tracks total submissions, total "passing" and total "failing". This number is cumulative number, so each day adds to the total and we display a Daily Metric as a percent "Passed" of the total. The function I am using in column H is =[@Submitted]+H1. Each row adds the previous number to the number in the submitted column (or failed column). I cannot find how to make a calculated column in SP that only increases the amount from each day. Example of the sheet enter image description here

I can get every other column I need into a SP list except for the "Cumulative Sub" and "Cumulative Fail" which is what I am using for column A in order to graph the data. None of the posts I have read get the result like I have in Excel, which may not be possible, but I haven't even come close. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!!


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