I have customize SharePoint document library form using power apps. However that form is displayed only when user click "edit all" after uploading a document.

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How to turn off the details pane entirely and open the customized form directly by default after uploading a document without additional step of clicking "Edit all" in properties pane?

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You cannot customize the details pane using Power Apps, you can only customize the "Properties" forms of document library.

Here's what you can do in SharePoint online:

A. Disable editing of metadata from details pane and quick edit from library settings.

B. Customize Properties form using Power Apps and use below steps to open the form:

  1. Go to SharePoint library
  2. Select one document
  3. Click on Properties from command bar at the top or from context menu (...)

For more information, check my answer at: Make properties not modifiable in SharePoint library with PowerApps

If you want to open Properties form directly from library view, you can use JSON formatting with editProps row action.

Documentation: JSON formatting - CustomRowAction

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    Nov 2, 2022 at 10:19

To have the editable version of a form open in the library when a user opens properties:

In PowerApps, update SharePointIntegration > Advanced > OnView from ViewForm(SharePointForm1) to EditForm(SharePointForm1)

Screencap of PowerApps Form window


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