I have been using SharePoint online remote event receivers for mroe than 5 years, since they provide a solid appraoch to implement business logic for synchronous or asynchronous actions (added, adding, updated, updating, etc..).

but recently i am facing issues on how to debug them, i used to follow those approaches for remote event receivers debugging:-

  1. Inside visual studio >> i define an azure service bus which allow us to debug the remote event receivers. but since around 2++ years ago >> Microsoft stop supporting this approach

  2. so second approach was>> To create a service project >> and using reverse proxy such as ngrok >> i debug the service >> then i create a remote event receiver project and add the service inside it. but this appraoch stop working as it need the tenant to allow app only permission which is disabled by default in all new tenants and for security reason clients do not allow enabling it.

so my question is what are the approaches we can follow to debug remote event receivers?



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