If at all possible I want to create a SharePoint View on a list that will only show items from the Previous Year. I have a view to show the current year using two calculated columns, but I am trying to accomplish the same thing for the Prior Year.

In the end I want to be able to click on the Previous Year and export to excel. The option I know of that works is to export to excel and then in excel filter by the year. I am just trying to make this as easy as possible for the user. I want it to be Dynamic, so it will automatically show the entries from last year once the new year turns over.

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You could try to create a calculated column "PreviousYear" (numeric format) with the following formula:


And then specify filter on your view: PreviousYear equals 1


  • it could be any datetime column instead of [Created]
  • don't forget that delimiters in formula are dependent on site regional settings

I created a calculated field using an IF statement that classifies my data from the Submitted Field (a date column in my list). I titled the column Age. If it is the current year the value is Current, if it is the previous year the value is Previous, anything else is classified as "Older".

=IF(YEAR(Submitted)=(YEAR(TODAY())),"Current", IF(YEAR(Submitted)=YEAR(TODAY())-1),"Previous", "Older")) *you can use this with any date column by changing Submitted to your column name.

Then create a view and Filter for Age contains Previous (or other desired option).

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