I want to update the Multiline Text field to Rich Text in the Document library using PnP PowerShell.

I tried to find the property which can do the trick but did not have any luck.

Can someone help me identify which property I need to set up while using PnP PowerShell?


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Two properties needs to be set in Schema i.e. RichText to TRUE and RichTextMode to FullHtml. Those property you can't set it directly via Set-PnPField so you need to get existing schema first and you need to update two attribute accordingly.

You can try below script to do so.

$libraryURL = "Shared Documents"
$internalName = "TestField2"
$field = Get-PnPField -List $libraryURL -Identity $internalName
[xml]$schemaXml = $field.SchemaXml
$schemaXml.Field.SetAttribute("RichTextMode", "FullHtml")
$schemaXml.Field.SetAttribute("RichText", "TRUE")
Set-PnPField -List $libraryURL -Identity $internalName -Values @{SchemaXml=$schemaXml.OuterXml}

Took hint from https://github.com/pnp/PnP-PowerShell/issues/2701#issuecomment-637561473

  • thanks Kalpesh Vaghela. I also had to modify the property IsolateStyles to true $schemaXml.Field.SetAttribute("IsolateStyles", "TRUE") Apr 4, 2023 at 14:52

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