I have a PowerApps form (customized from SP list). I need to only have a Submit button visible if the Current User is the creator (created by field in SP). Basically, I only want the person submitting the new form to see the button. Others will go back into the form and add content/approve...I don't want them to see the button.

I added the Created By field (datacardvalue49) to the form from SP, and I'm trying to reference it, but not sure how. I tried If(datacardvalue49 = User().FullName, true, false). I know I'm missing something after the datacardvalue (choice fields are ".selected.value", text fields are ".text"), but I'm not sure what that suffix would be.

thank you!

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If you want to show the button based on condition, set "Visible" property of button control to:

User().Email = ThisItem.'Created By'.Email


User().Email = datacardvalue49.Selected.Email

If you want to compare based on display name, use:

User().FullName = datacardvalue49.Selected.DisplayName

To hide button you can use <> or Not() like:

User().FullName <> datacardvalue49.Selected.DisplayName


Not(User().FullName = datacardvalue49.Selected.DisplayName)

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