Are there any efficient ways to import an Excel column to a empty column in an existing list in a SharePoint online site?

Currently I am using Ctrl + C > Ctrl + V but, since the values are too many, so even if I paste 500 values at a time, the site hangs up.

Ideally I would like to directly import the data rather than copy/paste.

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I achieved your requirement by using power automate to directly import an excel column to a empty column in an existing list .

Here are steps:

1.Create an empty column with corresponding names in the list you want to import(During my testing it called excel value).

2.Convert the data in excel into a table, and upload it to the sharepoint document library (the document library is called Documents during my test). enter image description here

3.Create a flow as shown below. enter image description here

Below are my test results: Automatically Import excel value to empty column in an existing list after running flow.

After my search, you might be able to paste a few hundred lines by opening it in Internet Explorer. Good luck!

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You can't import an Excel file to an existing SharePoint list and indeed copy & paste does not support large amounts of data.

The only solutions involve either developing/scripting or using a 3rd party software.

You might want to consider using SharePoint List Synchronizer. If you need it only once, there is a free trial that is fully functional. Disclaimer: this product is edited by SoftFluent, my employer.

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