I need to get the browser URL inside Power App canvas standalone app, is this possible?

I do not want to get parameters, I want the whole URL.


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You cannot read the complete browser URL using the default functions available in Power Apps.

However, you can get the app details like GUID, app name, description, etc. using Power Apps for Makers connector.

Example: Below gives you GUID of the application:

            properties.creationType = "DefaultTenant"

Once you get the GUID of application, you can construct the URL in specific format like:

https://apps.powerapps.com/play/{App ID}?{Query}


https://apps.powerapps.com/play/e/{Environment ID}/a/{App ID}?{Query}


  1. Getting current apps GUID ID within the app
  2. How do I get the App name inside my canvas app?

Not sure if this works for end users without Environment Maker security role. But, if you are using default environment, it should work.

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