I have problem to solve simple formula. Custom form has many inputs, but I need check three of them if aren't this combination saved in the list already. If yes, need to show text with warning.

first input is a text value, second is one select from lookup dropdown input and last one is number

I created a label and I want add my formula to visible attribute:

If(LookUp(List, 'invoiceNumber:' = DataCardValue11.Text && 'supplierName' 
= DataCardValue26.Selected.Value && 'numberOfItems' = Value(DataCardValue21.text) ),true,false) 


invalid argument type Record

Is it even possible to check three different inputs from the saved data in the list?

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Try using this formula:

CountRows(Filter(List, 'invoiceNumber:' = DataCardValue11.Text && 'supplierName'.Value = DataCardValue26.Selected.Value && 'numberOfItems' = Value(DataCardValue21.text))) > 0

OR something like this:

If(IsBlank(Lookup(List, 'invoiceNumber:' = DataCardValue11.Text && 'supplierName'.Value = DataCardValue26.Selected.Value && 'numberOfItems' = Value(DataCardValue21.text)).'invoiceNumber:'), false, true)

Where Lookup(...).'invoiceNumber:' should be non blank column value.

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    second formula works. thank you
    – Novice
    Commented Oct 4, 2022 at 6:14

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