I have a SharePoint list with start date and end date. I also have 12 calculated columns for each month - Jan to Dec. I want to calculate these columns so that they display working days between start date and end date by each month. For e.g. for start date : 1/1/2023 | end date : 5/31/2023

I want columns to have data as Jan : 22 Feb : 21 Mar : 22 Apr : 22 May : 21 June : 0 ... Dec : 0

Can someone help with formula for the same ? i have tried and found business days between start date and end date but not by each month.

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That should give you the difference between the months for 2 date fields.

  • this did not work.
    – Tejas
    Commented Oct 6, 2022 at 16:05

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